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The building of the federal boarding school for higher education (HIB) was built as a Cadet School in 1854 on the area of the much older Liebenau Castle.

After the end of the monarchy Liebenau, like other cadet schools, was transformed into a reformatory of the federal state of Austria (Bundeserziehungsanstalt) by the famous school reformer O. Glöckel.

These reformatories enabled talented pupils from all over the country to attend a grammar school.

After an interruption (1935 – 1938 military grammar school, April – August 1938 Wehrmachtsoberschule, Oct. 1938 – 1940 grammar school of the house Liebenau of the military orphan school Potsdam) the reformatory Graz –Liebenau was reopened in 1947 and later renamed in federal boarding school for higher education (HIB).

Between 1978 and 1984 the HIB was generally renovated and the construction of new classes and the gym-tract followed.



School Enrolment Conditions

1st form AHS

To enrol into the 1st form of grammar school (AHS) implies a positive and successfully completed fourth form of elementary school and a “Sehr Gut” or “Gut” assessment in German, Reading as well as Mathematics.

An assessment stating “Befriedigend” in one of the mentioned subjects is only accepted if the school conference of elementary school ascertains that the pupil, because of his/ her other efforts, may nonetheless be up to the mark of an AHS. Enrollment candidates who do not fulfil these prevailing conditions need to do an assessment test.

5 th form ORG

Students from 4 th form AHS with a positive school certificate and enrollment candidates from secondary modern schools whose school certificate in achievement-orientated subjects on the highest level (Leistungsgruppe) is positively assessed or on a medium level has no worse assessment than “Gut” and in the rest of the main subjects no worse assessment than “Befriedigend”, are qualified to enter the 5 th form without an assessment test.


The check for students' physical fitness and abilities of coordination (practical aptitude test) takes place in the middle of May (look above). At the same time our aptitude test for the enrolment into our volleyball- and handball academy is set.


Students in soccer classes need to pass an aptitude test which is done by representative trainers of the soccer club GAK.

Handball/Volleyball Academy

1. Passing the practical aptitude test for the enrolment into the sport-class.
2. Passing the specific handball-/ volleyball–test.

A further criterion for the final enrolment is an obligatory medical test which is prescribed by the Federal Ministry of Education, Art and Culture.

Enrolment Forms

Enrolment forms can be ordered in written form or via telephone
(+43-316/47 25 88) or via fax (+43-316/46 52 59) in the secretary's office.

The applications for enrolment can be brought in during the first week of the second semester for the 1 st form and in the first week of the new year in January for the 5 th form ORG.

The enrolment for boarding school students is also possible to a later date.

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Felix Meixner

How I came to Graz

My name is Felix Meixner and I currently attend HIB Liebenau in Graz in Austria. I was told to write a report, so here goes. I don't exactly know how I came to this school and I don't remember making a concrete decision to go to a school Graz, although I certainly don't regret coming here.

I think that my mother heard about this school from one of her best friends who lives in Graz and whose daughter also went to HIB Liebenau. Although I don't know a lot about other schools in Austria, I am always told that this one has a good reputation. It was also decided that I should join the boarding school because I didn't want to give my grandmother in St. Peter too much stress. I am also glad that I made this decision now.

Now when I meant to say I came to Graz, I must explain that I was coming from the Caribbean. That's right, the Caribbean. I was born in Martinique, which is a small French colony in the Lesser Antilles, and raised in St Lucia, which is just south of Martinique. I grew up in St Lucia and went first to a private primary school and then to a well known public secondary school (the school system there is very similar to that in England). I don't think that anyone can imagine how school is over there. After five years in secondary school I did my CXC's (O-levels in England) and passed with quite good marks. I then needed somewhere to go to continue my education and because there aren't many opportunities in the Caribbean, I had the choice of England, America or Austria. Both of my parents are Austrian and so am I, so it is a good bit less expensive to study in Austria. Also, most of my relatives and friends from my mom and dad live in Austria. So that is why I came to Austria. I hope to go to a university in Austria after finishing school and obtaining the Matura.

There were only two problems with me going to school in Austria: one was that although I could speak German my level was far below what it should have been for my age; the second was that I would be almost completely alone in another continent. So I was put back a year as I joined this school in September 2006. This gave me a year to catch on to everything that was so new for me here and because I joined the sports class, I would need that extra year to prepare for the Sport-Matura. As for being independent, I rather enjoy the responsibility of having to take care of everything by myself.

Now you must understand that this is a huge change for me and that I can only compare what I have experienced with life in the Caribbean, but I will try my best to give a fair and unbiased report of life here. Firstly, everything is different here (and I mean everything): the climate, the quality of life, the people and just the feeling of it all. The people in Austria are very friendly and open and I think they engage themselves a lot in what happens around them.

Now about the school: I can't guarantee that everything in this school is as peachy as you would like it to be, but everyone will surely have a different experience here depending on class, teachers, friends etc. But in general this is what I think. The students here are also very friendly and I have had no big problems with any one of them. The teachers, it must also be said, are much more concerned about their students and their well being. One really appreciates the hard work they put into it all. They can also be a lot more relaxed and laid back when they want to and this makes it very pleasant to be taught by them. The school is also, in my opinion, very well equipped with services and labs and is very clean most of the time(when it isn't, it's probably the work of the students). I don't want to exaggerate and say that this is the best school in the world and that we all feel like part of a family, but I do actually going to school here. We do learn seriously when we have to, but we also seriously have fun when we can. In the boarding school there is everything you really need. We have smartly arranged rooms and a comforting, warm environment. And if you have a problem you can always speak with the responsible teacher or an older student. It is a fun and enjoyable social surrounding.

If I had to choose again, I would make the same choice and come here.

I hope this report has been helpful to you and that you enjoyed reading it. I think that further contact information to HIB Liebenau is somewhere on this site. Thank you for your time.