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7S and 7BS on the Emerald Isle

In the penultimate week of the school year, some classes spend their final lessons listlessly listening to their tedious teachers, already more focused on the holidays ahead than the lessons at hand. Not so for 7S and 7BS. For the 42 girls and boys, as well as Ms. Egger, Mr. Schmidhofer, and Mr. Böcksteiner, this was a very demanding but also rewarding week—one spent across the oceans on the beautiful Emerald Isle.

After some initial hiccups (some of them related to the presence of power banks in luggage), the week was a great success. On a day trip, we discovered the medieval town of Kilkenny, and on a guided tour, we were led to the most important sights of Dublin (yes, there is more than the Molly Malone statue). On the Jeanie Johnston, we delved into the history of Irish migration following the potato blight, and we traveled back in history at Dalkey Castle. We explored Dun Laoghaire and Howth, went bowling in Bray, and on our final day, we even proved our Irish dancing skills. Generations to come will tell of our brilliant dancing performance, and tales will turn into legend, and legend will turn into myth. And maybe, really just maybe, we were perhaps not all that good at dancing, but at least it was great fun.
24 dublin 7bss 1

24 dublin 7bss 1


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